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Anders is a CPA and Advisory firm with approximately 175 partners and staff members. For over 50 years, Anders has delivered full-service accounting, tax, audit, and advisory services to growth-oriented closely-held companies, organizations and individuals. The Anders health care team specializes in diagnosing issues related to revenue cycles in both hospitals and medical practices and identifying opportunities to improve profitability. Our comprehensive view of the health care industry recognizes how everything you do in your organization impacts your bottom line and will help you succeed in today’s health care environment.

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Kypher is a cloud-based security company focusing on full, end to end encryption of protected data and security risk consultations.

Kypher offers an all-in-one, completely secure and easy to use file, email and messaging solution.  Our application covers all three major pieces of messaging: email, text/instant message (IM) and file transmission/sharing.

With Kypher you do not need to worry about your sensitive data being compromised.  No longer will your practice have to stress over the potential costly fines that come from a breach.  Use Kypher to send anything and everything pain-free.

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For over 40 years, telemedicine has been used to bring healthcare services to patients in distant locations. Not only does telemedicine improve access to patients but it also allows physicians and health facilities to expand their reach, beyond their own offices. Given the provider shortages throughout the world–in both rural and urban areas–telemedicine has a unique capacity to increase service to millions of new patients.

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North American Healthcare Management is a Revenue Cycle Management company which specializes in billing for Provider-based Rural Health Clinics, Freestanding Rural Health Clinics (RHC), Federally-Qualified Health Center (FQHC), physician practices, nurse practitioner-owned practices, and physician groups.

North American Healthcare Management offers Aprima PRM, as a fully-hosted electronic health record and revenue cycle management platform.  Aprima PRM has a robust rural health clinic and federally-qualified health center functionality, and UDS reporting. North American Healthcare Management can easily handle the new line item billing requirement for rural health clinics and provider-based rural health clinics.

North American Healthcare Management has provided consulting services to RHCs and FQHCs across the country since 1992. North American Healthcare Management has assisted hundreds of clinics with initial RHC certification, cost reporting, UDS reporting, compliance maintenance, Annual Evaluations, and provider enrollment, and of course, billing. North American Healthcare Management also helps facilities assess their financial and operational performance. 

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