Our mission is to equip covered entities and their business associates to create and manage a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program with ease. We developed 70+ policy templates and integrated them into our software to take the burden of policy management off your shoulders.


Who is HIPAAtrek?

We are a group of experts and compliance officers who decided enough was enough and developed our software to help ease the burden of HIPAA compliance and operations.


Can I reach out at any time with HIPAA questions?

Yes, once you sign up for our platform, our team members are available during business hours to answer any questions you have-not just about our platform but also any HIPAA question, concerns and clarifications.


How does HIPAAtrek differ from competitors?

Unlike our competitors HIPAAtrek securely stores and manages your policies, procedures, and forms with version control. HIPAAtrek ALSO offers many other valuable modules within our platform including, training videos with corresponding quizzes, BAA management, a Breach Management Tool and more. Our solution is your one-stop shop!


Can I trust HIPAAtrek’s policies and agreements?

Our policies and agreements have been developed by healthcare administrator experts and reviewed by expert healthcare lawyers, guaranteeing to meet HIPAA requirements.


Does HIPAAtrek offer customizable training?

Absolutely! Our digital media team is happy to work with your compliance officer to create training videos and corresponding quizzes that address your organization’s unique procedures or problem areas.


Who is HIPAAtrek for?

HIPAAtrek is for any covered entity from a one provider-one employee practice to large scale hospitals. It’s the perfect platform for Hospitals, Clinics, Startups, Business Associates and any other organization that must comply with HIPAA. And don’t worry, we have different software packages and pricing for the very small to the very large. We have a solution for you!


I don't need every module you offer, are there other versions available?

We understand that one HIPAA solution does not work for every organization. Our experts will work with you to find the pricing and package that works best for your organization so that you are never paying for what you don’t need.


How hard is it to start with HIPAAtrek?

EASY! Our team will be there to help you onboard and learn the system, every step of the way! We have a dedicated team who will work with you from contract to go-live and beyond. We are here to help!

Is Your Organization HIPAA compliant?

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