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We have HIPAA compliance in our operation. Why do we need HIPAAtrek?

Awesome! You are one step above the rest. We recently conducted a survey of 2,051 healthcare organizations and business associates and discovered that 87% had a compliance program in place. However, only 5% felt as if they were effectively managing their compliance. Most organizations are managing their compliance programs through clunky Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

HIPAAtrek automates the compliance process, ensuring all policies are properly implemented and that your staff is routinely trained on them. You can readily access a risk assessment at any time to track how well you are implementing your policies and procedures. Additionally, you can effectively manage all your third-party relationships within our business associate module.

These are just a few of the ways HIPAAtrek can help you manage your compliance program more efficiently. Contact us to learn more.

Does HIPAAtrek only work for larger companies?

HIPAA was intentionally designed with the flexibility to meet unique circumstances in organizations of all sizes – and so are we! We serve organizations as small as five employees to organizations with several thousands of employees. If you’re a HIPAA-covered organization, we can help guide your HIPAA compliance program.

How does HIPAAtrek secure its data?

As a HIPAA compliance company, we take data security very seriously. HIPAAtrek is hosted at Armor, the largest HITRUST certified hosting environment in the country. HIPAAtrek also uses AES 256 bit and TLS 1.2 encryption.

Our disaster recovery and contingency plans are available upon request.

How often does HIPAAtrek update their policies and procedures?

We stay up-to-date on regulation changes and interpretations of regulations passed down from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (which oversees HIPAA). Every time there is an update or new interpretation, we review our existing templates to ensure that they meet that new requirement or interpretation.

We’re always adding new templates to help organizations manage their compliance programs efficiently. Currently, we have over 70 policy templates in our platform that you can easily modify to fit your organization’s mission and culture.

Does HIPAAtrek have a risk framework?

Absolutely! All our templates were modeled after NIST SP-800 frameworks. We even have a module in our software that guides organizations through the NIST Risk Management Framework so that organizations of all sizes are able to adhere to the strictest of security and compliance practices.

What can HIPAAtrek do to address risks my organization faces?

In our recent survey, we discovered that only 13% of the 2,051 organizations surveyed feel confident about how they were managing their HIPAA compliance. Some of the major confidence breakers were managing business associates and other vendors, implementing policies and procedures, and training staff on policies and procedures.

HIPAAtrek addresses all three of these risks. We have a business associate module where you can manage all your vendors and associated contracts. We have developed a process management system inside our platform to address the implementation of adopted policies and procedures. HIPAAtrek also helps you train your staff – you can send automatic security reminders, assign compliance tasks, and more. 

Is a risk analysis included in the HIPAAtrek platform?

Yes! Our platform has an automated risk assessment included, which determines in real time how well you’re implementing your policies and procedures. You can conduct a complete security risk analysis in our system using the processes we have created following the NIST Risk Management Framework.

Start managing HIPAA compliance the easy way.

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