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Compliance isn’t just a department—it involves everyone at your hospital.

Upload and manage your policies

Are you managing your HIPAA policies and procedures effectively? House your P&Ps in HIPAAtrek for maximum control:

  • Group policies together for easier navigation and view them natively in HIPAAtrek
  • Assign policy review, approval, and finalization based on employee role
  • Maintain policy version history for 25 years

Automate your HIPAA training

Wonder how to keep everyone up-to-date on HIPAA without disruptive training sessions? In HIPAAtrek, you can automate and customize everything:

  • Assign training videos for employees to watch at their workstations
  • Assign quizzes to test their comprehension
  • Schedule security reminders to deliver to employee’s inboxes

Just ask us, and we’ll make training videos, quizzes, and security reminders tailored to your organization’s needs.

Manage your vendors and contracts

Your hospital is an ecosystem of third-party vendors that help keep business continuity and improve patient care. Manage your vendor relationships with ease from our platforms:

  • HIPAAtrek for managing business associates and executing business associate agreements
  • COMPLYtrek for managing and executing vendor contracts

Outsource your risk analysis

Need an outsider auditor’s perspective of your security compliance? Here’s how we’ll conduct your security risk analysis:

  1. Walk-thru of all your locations/departments/offices
  2. Technical inventory review of your hardware and software
  3. Non-intrusive employee interviews
  4. Scan of your technical assets and examination of hosting environments and backup processes

After the analysis, we’ll put our key findings together so you have an actionable plan to address risks.

Start managing HIPAA compliance

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