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New to HIPAA?

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Familiarize yourself with the rules

Not sure what your startup needs to do? During one-on-one client onboarding, our HIPAA experts will guide you through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant. With the HIPAAtrek platform, you’ll have access to HIPAA 101 training videos to get you familiar with the rules.

Assess your risks

A risk analysis can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for a startup. But the security risk analysis is a vital part of keeping your clients’ data safe and secure. Have us audit your HIPAA security for you so you can focus on your business.

Get started on policies

If you’re new to HIPAA, you probably haven’t put together your policies and procedures yet. Don’t worry. From the HIPAAtrek platform, you’ll have access to dozens of policy templates, or you can build them from scratch in HIPAAtrek. We’ll help you put together policies to meet your startup’s needs.

Access HIPAA oversight

Need a little extra help making sure you’re compliant? We’ll outsource a HIPAA compliance professional to provide one-on-one guidance and oversight on your HIPAA program. Gague the health of your compliance program with quarterly reports.

Start managing HIPAA compliance

the easy way.

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Resources for Startups

3 Policy Templates

Graphic of people collaborating on a policy.

6 Steps to Start Writing and Managing HIPAA Policies and Procedures

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