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HIPAA compliance is more than a department...

It is part of your hospital’s culture! 

HIPAA For Hospitals

HIPAA is a complicated set of rules and regulations. In order to comply, hospitals need to get their entire staff bought into the reality that compliance is more than just a department – it is a culture of the hospital as a whole. This is a challenge for many hospitals. Many hospitals are utilizing manual processes such as Word, Excel, and calendar reminders to manage compliance. Traditional compliance softwares are not enough to effectively manage HIPAA compliance.

With HIPAAtrek, hospitals can create an audit-ready trail of compliance. Compliance officers love our intuitive and automated platforms! HIPAAtrek tracks all compliance activity so compliance officers can focus on weaker areas in order to create a culture of compliance. With HIPAAtrek compliance officers finally have an arsenal of compliance tools to effectively and efficiently manage all their compliance needs.

Managing your compliance programs to ensure effectiveness across your entire organization has never been easier! HIPAAtrek for hospitals is a suite of software platforms and tools to help you manage, implement, and audit your compliance.

The Policy Challenge

Hospitals have hundreds, if not thousands of policies governing all areas of operations, regulatory requirements, clinical standards, and quality initiatives. Policy overload leaves employees confused over where to turn. Compliance officers are also challenged with creating, maintaining, implementing, and tracking all of your hospital’s policies. This can be an overwhelming task.

Culture of Compliance

The Policy Solution

Compliance software solves this challenge. HIPAAtrek’s suite of compliance platforms puts policies a click away from your entire staff. Organize policies by groups and subgroups for ease of use by your staff.

Policies can be created directly inside of HIPAAtrek or imported from Word.

Implement policies with the industry’s ONLY integrated task management solution. Managing the cycle of policy implementation with HIPAAtrek creates a project management workflow to ensure all your policies are properly implemented! Easily upload evidence of policy adherence using policy folders and tasks.

Version control made simple. Manage policies down to the procedure/section level. Version control is maintained inside HIPAAtrek for 25 years.

All this creates an auditable trail of policy adherence – necessary if your hospital is ever audited or investigated by the OCR.

HIPAA policies for hospitals – simplified! 

Compliance is more than policies…

Conduct Internal Compliance Audits

Audit.COMPLYtrek’s customizable audit platform allows you to easily conduct internal compliance audits. Corrective Action Plans are automatically created to guide your risk management teams to mitigate identified gaps. 

Other audit management tools are overly cumbersome and difficult to use. Audit.COMPLYtrek is designed with YOU in mind. Simple to use yet powerful and accurate results. 

Manage your vendors and contracts

Your hospital is an ecosystem of third-party vendors that help keep business continuity and improve patient care. Manage your vendor relationships with ease with Contract.COMPLYtrek. 

Vendor relationships are more than just contracts. You also need to ensure you are using secure and compliant vendors. Contract.COMPLYtrek allows you to create standardized surveys of your vendors. 

Start managing HIPAA compliance

the easy way.

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