Are You Missing Pieces of HIPAA Compliance? 

Join us February 3, 2022 at 2:00 pm CST to find out.

HIPAA is a complex set of regulations with a number of considerations and specific use cases to consider. In fact, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects of HIPAA and not even know you’re missing them. 

Based on real mistakes we’ve seen from our own clients, this webinar will highlight oft-overlooked aspects of compliance, so your organization can achieve and maintain compliance—avoiding hefty fines from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  

In this webinar, the HIPAA compliance experts at HIPAAtrek will share:  

  • The most commonly overlooked pieces of HIPAA compliance 
  • The risks of making HIPAA compliance mistakes 
  • How to manage every step of HIPAA compliance and finally find compliance confidence

Meet Our Speaker: Sarah Badahman, CHPSE

Sarah Badahman

As an experienced consultant and healthcare administrator turned entrepreneur, Sarah is a foremost expert in the unique challenges of HIPAA administration. After searching for a software solution to manage her organizations’ HIPAA compliance, she developed her own complete compliance solution: HIPAAtrek. Sarah regularly speaks at healthcare and compliance industry conferences on HIPAA, risk management, security, training, and more. 

Join us as Sarah shares from her own experiences working with a variety of healthcare organizations, so you can learn from their mistakes and avoid overlooking critical compliance steps.  

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