Staff Accountability: Creating HIPAA Compliance in Action

Join us November 2, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. Central Time

HIPAA compliance is everyone’s responsibility! Join us for our next webinar to learn why staff accountability is critical to being compliant not just on paper, but in action.

Too often, HIPAA compliance becomes the isolated responsibility of a siloed compliance department. But truly compliant organizations know the importance of ensuring that everyone in the organization is working together to create compliance—and stay prepared for audits and investigations. 

In this webinar, our HIPAA compliance experts will show you:

  • Strategies to ensure your staff is adhering to policies, 
  • Best practices for HIPAA compliance training, 
  • How to enforce policies and procedures, and 
  • How to use HIPAAtrek to manage training and create staff accountability.  

With the right combination of training, reminders, and communication with staff, you can encourage compliant behavior that takes your policies and procedures from theory to practice. In this webinar, we will share the best methods for ensuring compliance is more than a nice idea—but is built into the foundation of your organization.  

Join us on November 2 to learn more about staff accountability, so you can finally find compliance confidence.

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Meet The Speakers

Sarah Badahman

Sarah Badahman

Having worked in compliance for 17 years, as a consultant and healthcare administrator turned entrepreneur, Sarah is a foremost expert in the unique challenges of HIPAA administration. After searching for a software solution to manage her organizations’ HIPAA compliance, she developed her own complete compliance solution: HIPAAtrek. Sarah regularly speaks at healthcare and compliance industry conferences on HIPAA, risk management, security, training, and more. 

Shana Held

Shana Held

With over 10 years of compliance experience, Shana has worked as a HIPAA privacy officer and HIM manager across a variety of facilities including hospital, primary care office, and care coordination organization. This diverse experience has shown her a variety of compliance scenarios and given her first-hand knowledge of the challenges of HIPAA compliance. At HIPAAtrek, Shana researches changing privacy and security regulations, keeping our platform and built-in policy templates up-to-date and in compliance for our clients.