Automated HIPAA Compliance (Home)

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We believe compliance should not be difficult. HIPAAtrek has created an industry-leading suite of platforms to guide you through creating, implementing, and managing a customized compliance program. Simple and automated HIPAA compliance software to keep you on the right track!

Care for your patients while we care for your compliance. 


The HIPAA compliance software for busy compliance officers


Healthcare is complicated. Compliance doesn’t have to be. Automate your compliance with HIPAAtrek’s suite of compliance software platforms. 


No more complex spreadsheets or bouncing between departments. HIPAAtrek houses all your compliance efforts in a single place.


You’ll never be left guessing how to use our platform. HIPAAtrek customer service is a call away – let us guide you through the process.

Expect More From Your Compliance Software

Compliance Roadmap

HIPAAtrek is designed to guide you through your compliance journey. Our intelligent platforms guide you through each compliance step to ensure you are meeting not only the regulatory requirements but also your internal compliance goals. 


Your organization is unique, so are your compliance needs. Our robust suite of compliance platforms are completely customizable to be as robust or as compact as you need to facilitate your compliance goals. HIPAA is not one size fits all. HIPAAtrek makes it simple for you to create a customized compliance plan tailor made for your organization! 

Powered by Experts

At HIPAAtrek we have all been in your shoes. As healthcare professionals, we experienced the same compliance headaches as our clients. We understand sometimes compliance software isn’t enough to answer all of your HIPAA questions. We are HIPAA experts. In addition to our team of experts, we have partnered with compliance consultants across the country to help you on your HIPAA journey. We are the experts you need!

Friendly Experts

“HIPAAtrek helped us navigate our biggest compliance obstacles: time and ease of use. Their staff are responsive, friendly, and experts in their field. HIPAAtrek’s software is easy to use and has a friendly layout. Their software is undoubtably worth the investment for us.”

John L., President & CFO

HPSA Acumen Inc.

Compliance Roadmap

“We began our HIPAAtrek journey fearing that we were not doing everything we should be. HIPAAtrek immediately brought clarity and provided a roadmap. The software contains every tool needed to get the job done. Now I have confidence that my compliance team is doing the right things at the right time.”

Matthew E., Information Technology

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital and Clinics

Ease of Use

“For me, as an organization of one, it was a real easy, clear path to follow. The software makes it easy to walk through and see where we’re at and where we need to be. [HIPAAtrek] allowed me to reach the goal of having all the documentation in place and knowing my bases were covered from a HIPAA perspective. It was a very big time-saver.”

Rich Pflederer

Oak Creek Tech Innovations, Inc.

See what HIPAAtrek can do for you

The Beginner’s Guide to HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

HIPAAtrek + MedTrio: Announcing Our New Partnership

At HIPAAtrek, we are always looking for new ways to simplify the process of achieving HIPAA compliance, and that’s why today we are proud to announce a new partnership with MedTrio.   Through this innovative new integration, we are joining forces with the EMR…

Is the Telehealth you’ve adopted secure?

Many patients and providers who would not have normally considered telehealth as a regular way to access healthcare are now utilizing the services. Many patients are afraid to go the hospital or doctor office in fear of exposing themselves and loved ones to Covid-19. Luckily, doctors can still reach their patients and provide medical care online. After this pandemic is over, many suspect that telehealth will still be sticking around. Now may be a good time to consider how to make your telehealth services more secure.

Double Extortion-What it is and how you can prevent it

If organizations refuse to pay their ransom, attackers are threatening to release the data publicly. This will of course include sensitive information and PHI. Before Double Extortion, we assumed that hackers could not actually access our data and were only with-holding it from victims to disrupt the ability to continue their work. Now we know they can extract this information and publish it online, breaching our patient’s security.

HIPAA Enforcement Discretion Announcement for COVID-19 Testing

On April 9, 2020, the OCR announced it will use its enforcement discretion for Community Based Testing Sites for COVID-19 testing. The enforcement discretion is being retro-dated to March 13, 2020 and will remain active as long as the public health emergency…

Video Conferencing Security in Healthcare During COVID-19

With the increase in use of remote work and telehealth, cybercriminal activity and video conference hijacking are also increasing. On April 2, 2020, the FBI released an article on defending against video conference hijacking. This is particularly important information…

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