Implementing Policies using the HIPAAtrek Platform

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As a Compliance Officer, managing and implementing HIPAA policies can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Employees must know your organization’s privacy and security policies. It is your job to assign policies, making sure every employee has read and understands them

Often there is no way to know if employees have completed this review process. Chances are the system you’re using (if any) does not return a “completed” notification. This leaves a loop open and requires the compliance team to track back to the employee to ensure the assignment has been done. This is no doubt time-consuming, making it frustrating for you and your employees. 

Without automatic completion notice, it can be difficult to accurately produce reports for assessing company compliance or reports for audit purposes. Compliance software solutions makes automating your HIPAA program simple! 

HIPAAtrek’s compliance platform guarantees this will no longer be a burden on your staff. Our tasks module notifies the administrator when employees have completed their training. Employees will receive an email that it is time for them to read/re-read a specific policy that the Compliance Officer has assigned them. From their HIPAAtrek account they can access the policy then mark off that they have completed the task and make any necessary notes. If any employees have tasks that are past due, the administrator is able to see who is behind on what task right from their dashboard.

HIPAAtrek dashboard, adminstrator, past due tasks,

The dates of completion and any notes are saved to their account making auditing a breeze. If there are any gaps in your compliance program, HIPAAtrek’s Self-Assessment module can help you get an idea of where more attention needs to be placed and build a corrective action plan. Simply click the “Fix It” button next to any not reviewed/not finalized policies and follow the steps to correct the issue.  

HIPAAtrek Self-Assessment, Fix It, Review Policy, Finalize Policy

 HIPAAtrek’s compliance platform streamlines compliance and reduces uncertainty in your office. Want to learn more about how you can use these modules to keep up with policy training? Contact us to set up a free Demo of our software today!


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