Managing Your Compliance Simply

Create a culture of compliance with an active approach to compliance using the HIPAAtrek platform to ensure every department and employee is engaged in your compliance goals.

HIPAAtrek has everything you need to manage your HIPAA compliance better

Policy Management

Manage your policies and procedures with our Policy module. Load in your existing policies or use our templates. Version control is at the policy and procedure level so you can easily track the history of your policies. Policy history is maintained for 25 years.

Manage Tasks

Implementing your policies has never been easier! Our task management module allows you to assign and track progress of your implementation. HIPAAtrek creates a log of all your compliance activity making it easy to audit your implementation efforts.

Risk Assessment

You will never have to answer a single question to know just where your compliance efforts stand with our automatic risk assessment! HIPAAtrek has the only automated gap analysis. You focus on your patients and allow us to focus on your compliance.

Vendor Management

Create, negotiate, and sign business associate agreements and other contracts. Keep track of compliance documentation required to effectively manage your vendors and ensure compliance throughout your supply chain.

Employee Training

Safeguard your protected health information by training your staff on privacy and security basics. Assign videos and quiz staff for comprehension. Our short videos allow you to assign training videos throughout the year to ensure retention of compliance knowledge.

Security Reminders

Lack of employee involvement and understanding often lead to preventable breaches. You can create, schedule and send customized security reminders and training on YOUR policies and procedures directly through our platform.

Breach Assessment

In the event of a breach, use the breach assessment module to conduct a risk assessment around the breach. Document and track breach mitigation activities directly in the HIPAAtrek platform.

Security Incident Tracking

Document, track, and mitigate security incidents.

Forms and Docs

Form Managment

Create forms to be used throughout your organization. Version control maintained for 25 years. Your staff will be able to access the most up to date forms easily.