Are you prepared for the major regulatory changes coming soon?

HIPAA is changing rapidly; learn about the four major updates you need to know about

Changing Regulations Cheatsheet

About This Download

HIPAAtrek compliance experts have put together this free Changing Regulations Cheat Sheet to help you learn more about the changes that are coming to HIPAA in the next year.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Which major regulatory changes you need to prepare for right away (even if they haven’t impacted your organization in the past)
  • How to manage the regulatory movement we are going to see in the next year, including anticipated publication dates for the major changes
  • Steps to success under these—or any—regulatory changes, including how to begin preparing now

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Regulations are changing rapidly, at the same moment that the OCR is stepping up HIPAA enforcement. Download now to learn the best ways to keep your organization prepared.