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Healthcare is complicated. Compliance doesn’t have to be. HIPAAtrek helps you simplify and customize your HIPAA compliance program.


No more complex spreadsheets or bouncing between departments. HIPAAtrek houses all your compliance efforts in a single place.


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“HIPAAtrek helped us navigate our biggest compliance obstacles: time and ease of use. Their staff are responsive, friendly, and experts in their field. HIPAAtrek’s software is easy to use and has a friendly layout. Their software is undoubtably worth the investment for us.”

John L., President & CFO

HPSA Acumen Inc.

“We began our HIPAAtrek journey fearing that we were not doing everything we should be. HIPAAtrek immediately brought clarity and provided a roadmap. The software contains every tool needed to get the job done. Now I have confidence that my compliance team is doing the right things at the right time.”

Matthew E., Information Technology

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital and Clinics

“For me, as an organization of one, it was a real easy, clear path to follow. The software makes it easy to walk through and see where we’re at and where we need to be. [HIPAAtrek] allowed me to reach the goal of having all the documentation in place and knowing my bases were covered from a HIPAA perspective. It was a very big time-saver.”

Rich Pflederer

Oak Creek Tech Innovations, Inc.

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The Beginner's Guide to HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Learning from 2019’s Ransomware Epidemic

In 2019, 764 healthcare providers were hit with ransomware. These organizations temporarily or permanently lost their medical records, had to redirect patients or cancel non-emergency procedures, and some even closed their doors for good. According to an Emsisoft...

How to Handle HIPAA Privacy Complaints

Patients have the right to file a complaint when they believe your organization has mishandled their information or otherwise violated the HIPAA rules. Patients may mail, fax, or email a complaint to your organization or file one through the OCR’s Complaint Portal....

Patient Rights Explained: Restriction of Uses and Disclosures of PHI

Ordinarily, you can use and disclose patient information as needed to carry out everyday tasks, such as treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. However, patients have the right to restrict these uses and disclosures of their protected health information (PHI)....

Patient Rights Explained: Amendment of Records

A key part of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is your patients’ right to amend their own medical records. This allows them to correct errors and improve the accuracy of their health data. Let’s look at an overview of your main responsibilities when a patient asks to amend...

Patient Rights Explained: HIPAA Right of Access

A key part of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is allowing patients to access their own medical records when and how they request it. This is known as “right of access.” As HHS explains, “Providing individuals with easy access to their health information empowers them to be...