Simplify & Automate Hipaa Compliance

Care for your patients while we care for your compliance

Simplify & Automate
Hipaa Compliance

Care for your patients while we care for your compliance

Find the Right Solution

For Hospitals

With HIPAAtrek, hospitals can create an audit-ready trail of compliance.

For Clinics

HIPAAtrek offers Hipaa compliance solutions for clinics and independent practices.

For Startups

Get one-on-one guidance and oversight on your HIPAA program. Made for startups

For Businesses

Get access to a wealth of information and Hipaa templates and guides

Find the Right Solution

For Hospitals

HIPAA for hospitals

For Clinics

Solutions for clinics

For Startups

for new businesses

For Businesses

Solutions for business

Why HIPAAtrek?

We believe compliance should not be difficult. 


Healthcare is complicated. Compliance doesn’t have to be. Automate your compliance with HIPAAtrek’s suite of compliance software platforms.


No more complex spreadsheets or bouncing between departments. HIPAAtrek houses all your compliance efforts in a single place.

Guided Compliance

You’ll never be left guessing how to use our platform. HIPAAtrek customer service is a call away – let us guide you through the process.

Resources to Help Your HIPAA Compliance Journey

hipaa compliance podcast

Armchair HIPAA

Podcast and interviews with industry experts



HIPAA Webinars

Learn about HIPAA compliance with live webinars



Starters Guide

Get templates and guides to get you started 


Join Hipaa-Huddle

HIPAA Huddle

Join industry experts to discuss various compliance topics

Live Meetings

Expect More From Your Compliance Software

Our Software makes HIPAA Compliance easy.

Compliance Roadmap

HIPAAtrek is designed to guide you through your compliance journey.


Your organization is unique, so are your compliance needs. Our robust suite of compliance platforms are completely customizable.

Powered by Experts

At HIPAAtrek we have all been in your shoes. As healthcare professionals, we experienced the same compliance headaches as our clients.

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