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HIPAAtrek guides healthcare organizations through today’s complex compliance rules. By simplifying your compliance management and making it easier for your staff members and vendors to access, our software makes running your compliance program simple.


Policies Managed

Tasks Completed

Security reminders

Employees Trained

Compliance Is A Journey, Not A Destination


Healthcare is complicated; compliance doesn’t have to be. HIPAAtrek simplifies your HIPAA journey by creating an easy to follow process management practices to foster a culture of compliance in your organization. Stress-free compliance with HIPAAtrek!


Most healthcare professionals struggle to manage compliance in multiple documents, spreadsheets, and departments. HIPAAtrek compiles all your compliance efforts into a single place. Create, implement and manage your compliance in HIPAAtrek!


HIPAAtrekkies never have to worry about falling into a compliance crevasse. HIPAAtrek’s software guides them through the entire compliance process. In the event they ever feel stuck, they just have to call their HIPAAsherpa to get guide them over the crevasse.

HIPAA Myths Debunked

HIPAA Only Applies To Large Organizations, Hospitals, and Insurance Companies

False: If you are a health care provider, hospital, insurance payer, or clearinghouse that electronically transmits ANY Protected Health Information, you are a covered entity under the HIPAA rules, which means you are required to comply with the Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA. Since the majority of claims are billed electronically, chances are even if you are a small physician clinic, you have to comply with HIPAA.

Even vendors (called business associates) that have access to or create, maintain, store or transmit Protected Health Information on your behalf (such as a billing company, outside of IT, consultants, attorney, or accountant) are required to comply with HIPAA.

HIPAA has a large reach affecting millions of organizations across the country. Contact us if you are unsure if HIPAA applies to you. 


My EMR Company Takes Care Of My HIPAA
False: Your EHR vendor may be able to provide information, assistance, and training on the privacy and security aspects of the EHR product. However, EHR vendors are not responsible for making their products compliant with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. It is solely your responsibility to manage your own HIPAA compliance. A vendor may be able to assist you along your compliance journey; however, the ultimate responsibility lands with your organization.


Patient Authorization Required To Refer The Patient To Another Provider
FALSE: The HIPAA Privacy Rule does not require covered entities to obtain an individual’s consent prior to using or disclosing protected health information about him or her for treatment, payment, or health care operations.

Continuity of care – such a referral, billing services and other healthcare operations do not require the patient’s specific authorization. This can even extend to requesting information from other providers for the purpose of treatment, such as diagnostic testing results. Having internal policies which require patient consent can actually create barriers to care, which is the opposite of the intention behind HIPAA.


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