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“HIPAAtrek helped us navigate our biggest compliance obstacles: time and ease of use. Their staff are responsive, friendly, and experts in their field. HIPAAtrek’s software is easy to use and has a friendly layout. Their software is undoubtably worth the investment for us.”

John L., President & CFO

HPSA Acumen Inc.

“We began our HIPAAtrek journey fearing that we were not doing everything we should be. HIPAAtrek immediately brought clarity and provided a roadmap. The software contains every tool needed to get the job done. Now I have confidence that my compliance team is doing the right things at the right time.”

Matthew E., Information Technology

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital and Clinics

“For me, as an organization of one, it was a real easy, clear path to follow. The software makes it easy to walk through and see where we’re at and where we need to be. [HIPAAtrek] allowed me to reach the goal of having all the documentation in place and knowing my bases were covered from a HIPAA perspective. It was a very big time-saver.”

Rich Pflederer

Oak Creek Tech Innovations, Inc.

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A key part of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is allowing patients to access their own medical records when and how they request it. This is known as “right of access.” As HHS explains, “Providing individuals with easy access to their health information empowers them to be...

Gap Analysis: A Tool to Audit HIPAA Compliance

You’ve heard of the SWOT analysis – a technique used to help businesses identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis helps an organization identify its priorities and set a course of action. Similarly, a “gap” analysis can help a...

How to Use Checklists as a HIPAA Training and Compliance Inspection Tool

Checklists are popular in healthcare, particularly for doctors and nurses to use during certain procedures to improve patient safety. Though your compliance department won’t use checklists for this purpose, there are ways you can use them to streamline your HIPAA...

How to Handle a Misdirected Fax Containing Patient Information

Have you ever sent a fax to the wrong recipient? This is a common error. Besides frustrating, a misdirected fax can also be harmful. As a healthcare organization, you must comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which means sending a fax to the wrong recipient could be a...

HIPAA Housekeeping: 4 Things to Review Before the New Year

Before you rush headlong into 2020, you might want to take a pause. In the next couple of weeks, take time to evaluate how well your HIPAA compliance program has run this year and what you can do to make it stronger in the new year. To help you evaluate and plan...