Create, Review, and Execute HIPAA policies with HIPAAtrek

Use our built-in HIPAA policy template library or import your own. 

Using HIPAAtrek, you have access to expert-created HIPAA policy templates, or you can upload your own.  Our policy templates are easy to edit and execute, plus, they’re always updated in a timely manner when regulations change.

Streamline your policy review process. 

Use the HIPAAtrek platform to create new policies, assign reviews to stakeholders, and execute finalized versions of HIPAA policies and procedures. Store relevant documents alongside policies and assign staff policy reviews all in one centralized platform. 

Maintain version tracking, automatically.  

HIPAAtrek stores every version of your policies, tracking changes and building an audit-ready trail of compliance as required under HIPAA. Our platform maintains version history for 10 years, automatically. 

HIPAA Policy Management Solutions

Critical Access Hospitals Harness HIPAAtrek to Build Their HIPAA Program

HIPAA Compliant

Policies and Procedures are the Foundation of Your HIPAA Compliance Program

A strong HIPAA compliance program relies on the foundation of updated, accessible policies and procedures. At HIPAAtrek, our compliance team maintains up-to-date policy templates, even as regulations change, so you always have the resources you need to stay compliant.  

Using the HIPAAtrek platform, you can review our policy templates (or import your own), execute finalized versions, and even assign reviews to relevant team members individually or through distribution groups. 

Don’t worry about documentation: the HIPAAtrek platform tracks every step of compliance—including every policy update—so you’re always audit-ready. 

The best way to see how HIPAAtrek can streamline your HIPAA training program is to take a tour of our software. Click here to book a demo now:  

See what else HIPAAtrek can do.

Robust BAA and Contract Management

Organize, review, and execute Business Associate Agreements—with version tracking built in. 

HIPAA Training

Assign and track the kind of training that goes beyond the policy to create compliance in action.

Breach and Incident Reporting

Assess and log breaches and incidents within the platform, and view summary reports to identify education opportunities.

Find Compliance Confidence with HIPAAtrek

When you have your BAAs organized, up-to-date, and audit-ready, you’ll finally feel confident in your HIPAA compliance.

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