Manage, Execute, and Organize Business Associate Agreements with HIPAAtrek

HIPAAtrek BAA Management Solutions

Get organized to work efficiently.

Are you still juggling spreadsheets, paper copies of contracts, and inefficient processes? With HIPAAtrek, you can organize and categorize contracts and BAAs so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Eliminate the back-and-forth.

Log in to the HIPAAtrek platform to see the current version of the BAA, share notes, and finalize or submit for approval. Collect signatures to fully execute.

Maintain version tracking, automatically.

Track every change to your BAAs and contracts, building an audit-ready trail of compliance as required under HIPAA. Our platform maintains version history for 10 years, automatically.

Critical Access Hospitals Harness HIPAAtrek to Build Their HIPAA Program

HIPAA Compliant

Contract Management is Critical to HIPAA Compliance

Managing BAAs and other vendor contracts effectively is key not only to running an organization efficiently, but staying HIPAA compliant. Keep your team working effectively and efficiently, saving time with organization and automation.

You can even edit permissions to create a focused interface, keeping contracts and BAAs limited to the relevant team members. With HIPAAtrek’s tagging and categorization options, it’s easier to find exactly what you need. And don’t sweat the version tracking—it’s built in, automatically.

The best way to see how HIPAAtrek can streamline your BAA and contract management is to take a tour of our software.

A BAA Platform Built By Experts

HIPAAtrek Community

Purpose-built by HIPAA Compliance Experts

Created by a healthcare administrator who knew the challenges of complying with HIPAA, HIPAAtrek is built to be used by real compliance officers, tackling your specific challenges to create compliance. That’s why our BAA platform is tailor-made for organization and efficiency.

Work with Our World-Class Team

Our HIPAA compliance experts support customers through changing regulations with world class onboarding, valuable customer service, and ongoing education opportunities.

Be a Part of Our Compliance Community

Clients have exclusive access to our in-house experts and fellow compliance officers at a monthly virtual HIPAA Huddle, where we share compliance news, best practices, and answers to your specific HIPAA compliance questions.

See what else HIPAAtrek can do.

Employee HIPAA Training

Assign and track the kind of training that goes beyond the policy to create compliance in action.

Organized, Efficient Policy Management

Create, review, approve and maintain policies and procedures—all in one place, that your team can access.

Breach and Incident Reporting

Assess and log breaches and incidents within the platform, and view summary reports to identify education opportunities.

Find Compliance Confidence with HIPAAtrek

When you have your BAAs organized, up-to-date, and audit-ready, you’ll finally feel confident in your HIPAA compliance.

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