Assign and Track Employee HIPAA Training with HIPAAtrek

Use our built-in training video library or import your own. 

Is annual employee training a headache to organize and execute? Using HIPAAtrek, you can efficiently train your team using short, expert-created training videos, or upload and assign your own.  

Track completion and assign follow-up quizzes. 

Using the HIPAAtrek platform means every training is documented automatically—with no need for messy sign-in sheets. Assign our follow-up quizzes or create your own to ensure employees understand their responsibilities.

Automate security reminders. 

Security reminders are required by HIPAA to help keep training top-of-mind—and PHI secure. Automate security reminder emails to your staff using the HIPAAtrek platform, with documentation of both reminders sent and emails opened. 

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Critical Access Hospitals Harness HIPAAtrek to Build Their HIPAA Program

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Training Creates Compliance in Action

HIPAA training doesn’t need to be tedious, boring, and expensive to implement. Using HIPAAtrek, you can assign efficient, role-specific video training created by HIPAA experts to your team, allowing them to complete training during down time.  

Assign follow-up quizzes (use ours or create your own) to be sure your team retains critical details, and send security reminders automatically to refresh critical training points at regular intervals. Distribution groups allow you to quickly assign training or email reminders to relevant teams or groups of staff. 

Don’t worry about documentation: the HIPAAtrek platform tracks every step of compliance—including every training assigned and completed—so you’re always audit-ready. 

The best way to see how HIPAAtrek can streamline your HIPAA training program is to take a tour of our software. Click here to book a demo now:  

A HIPAA Training Platform Built By Experts

Purpose-built by HIPAA Compliance Experts

Created by a healthcare administrator who knew the challenges of complying with HIPAA, HIPAAtrek is built to be used by real compliance officers, tackling your specific challenges to create compliance. That’s why our HIPAA training platform is intuitive and efficient, created with your real-world workflows in mind. 

Work with Our World-Class Team

Our HIPAA compliance experts support customers through changing regulations with world class onboarding, valuable customer service, and ongoing education opportunities. Our training videos are updated alongside our policy templates as regulations change, so you’re always delivering relevant, up-to-date training. 

Be a Part of Our Compliance Community

Clients have exclusive access to our in-house experts and fellow compliance officers at a monthly virtual HIPAA Huddle, where we share compliance news, best practices, and answers to your specific HIPAA compliance questions. 

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See what else HIPAAtrek can do.

Robust BAA and Contract Management

Organize, review, and execute Business Associate Agreements—with version tracking built in. 

Organized, Efficient Policy Management

Create, review, approve and maintain policies and procedures—all in one place, that your team can access.

Breach and Incident Reporting

Assess and log breaches and incidents within the platform, and view summary reports to identify education opportunities.

Find Compliance Confidence with HIPAAtrek

When you have your BAAs organized, up-to-date, and audit-ready, you’ll finally feel confident in your HIPAA compliance.

Book your demo now to see more of the HIPAAtrek platform.