Assess and Report HIPAA Breaches and Incidents with HIPAAtrek

HIPAA Breach Solutions

Analyze potential breaches using our Breach Risk Assessment tool. 

Is it a HIPAA breach? Using HIPAAtrek, you can quickly assess organizational risks to make the best determination of breaches and incidents. Using a Yes/No question format, the platform provides a useful tool to help you assess whether an incident is a breach. 

Log breaches and incidents within the HIPAAtrek platform. 

Identify, review, and log incidents and breaches in one centralized location within the HIPAAtrek platform. Use your breach log to identify trends, necessary training, or other commonalities. Our platform maintains your records for 10 years, automatically. 

Identify Potential HIPAA Risks with HIPAAtrek 

The HIPAAtrek platform is designed to identify potential organizational risks, including incomplete policies or BAAs, or documentation in need of review. Use the Self-Assessment Module to identify incomplete tasks and potential risks. 

Critical Access Hospitals Harness HIPAAtrek to Build Their HIPAA Program

HIPAA Compliant

Strong Compliance is Risk Management

HIPAA compliance is complicated and multi-faceted—which means risk management can quickly become an all-encompassing task. Streamline your risk management with the built-in tools in the HIPAAtrek platform. 

Use our built-in breach risk assessment tool to quickly identify potential breaches, log pertinent details, and create an ongoing breach log for future reference. Plus, HIPAAtrek automatically alerts you to incomplete or missing policies, contracts, and trainings. 

Don’t worry about documentation: the HIPAAtrek platform tracks every step of compliance so you’re always audit-ready. 

The best way to see how HIPAAtrek can streamline your HIPAA training program is to take a tour of our software. Click here to book a demo now:  

See what else HIPAAtrek can do.

Robust BAA and Contract Management

Organize, review, and execute Business Associate Agreements—with version tracking built in. 

HIPAA Training

Assign and track the kind of training that goes beyond the policy to create compliance in action.

Organized, Efficient Policy Management

Create, review, approve and maintain policies and procedures—all in one place, that your team can access. 

Find Compliance Confidence with HIPAAtrek

When you have your BAAs organized, up-to-date, and audit-ready, you’ll finally feel confident in your HIPAA compliance.

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