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HIPAAtrek demo
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“The software makes it easy to see where we’re at and where we need to be.”  

Joanie Perkins, North Sunflower Medical Center

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In your free HIPAAtrek demo, our team will work with you to identify your biggest compliance challenges, and show you how our HIPAA compliance software can organize, automate, and generate reports on every aspect of compliance.  

Our HIPAA compliance software makes it easy to: 

  • Organize policies, contracts, and forms. 
  • Create, negotiate, and execute BAAs and other contracts. 
  • Train employees, tracking progress and quiz results.  
  • Automate security reminders. 
  • Identify risks with built-in gap analysis and reporting.  
  • Assess, track, and report breaches without leaving the platform. 

Because when you have all of your compliance tasks organized, automated, and working for you, you’ll know you can prove compliance at any time. We call it compliance confidence—and trust us, it feels good. 

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