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Having worked with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) through investigations and corrective action plans, our HIPAA consultants have built a robust understanding of the best ways to be compliant and audit-ready. Our HIPAA consulting offerings provide insight into your current HIPAA compliance, as well as a roadmap for moving forward with confidence. 

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HIPAA Compliance Consulting from HIPAAtrek

Required by HIPAA, a Security Risk Analysis is the foundation of a strong compliance program. After all, you can’t create a roadmap to success unless you know where you are starting. Beyond a compliance requirement, SRAs also help your organization identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and protect patient information.  

At HIPAAtrek, our Security Risk Analyses are more complete, encompassing more HIPAA regulations than others—so you can fill the gaps and finally find compliance confidence. We address four areas: Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Evaluation, and Application and Data Criticality Analysis, and provide an extensive summary of our findings for your ongoing reference. 

A Security Risk Analysis Includes:



Our HIPAA compliance experts dive deep into your security program to identify potential risks to your organization and patient data.



We evaluate our findings, compiling a gap report for your security program and identifying opportunities for improvement.  



Working through the gaps in your existing security program, we offer recommended actions to correct gaps and create compliance. 



Applications and data criticality analysis, required by HIPAA, prioritizes data and programs based on importance to your business functions. 

The HIPAAtrek Privacy Gap Assessment is a unique offering focused specifically on your privacy program (whereas other assessments focus more on security). As the privacy rule changes this year, it is critical to assess privacy gaps specifically in order to close them and create compliance.  

In consultation with your team, our in-house compliance experts will review your existing privacy policies and procedures, identifying gaps and mitigation strategies and compiling our findings into a report for your team. We also build a roadmap to support your team in navigating the changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule coming in Dec 2024. 

A Privacy Gap Assessment Includes:



Our HIPAA compliance experts review your existing privacy policies and procedures to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.



We compile our findings into a report that includes gaps in your current privacy policies and procedures relative to the current version of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.



Working through the gaps in your existing privacy program, we offer recommended actions to correct gaps and create compliance.



Based on your current policies, processes, and procedures, we offer a roadmap to navigating the changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule anticipated in Dec 2024.

Wondering how your organization would fare in the case of a major breach or disaster impacting patient data? Our Breach Preparedness Assessment gives you an opportunity to work with critical stakeholders and truly prepare for these emergency scenarios.

The Breach Preparedness Assessment includes a simulation of one or more cybersecurity incidents to determine how prepared your team is to respond to and recover from a similar situation. This assessment goes beyond prevention to truly prepare your organization for a breach.

A Breach Preparedness Assessment Includes:



Our HIPAA compliance experts work with organizational stakeholders to identify appropriate and relevant scenarios that can be used to assess breach preparedness.



Our team comes onsite to facilitate a one-day meeting connecting critical stakeholders and representatives from across the organization.



Scenarios are presented testing a range of security procedures, incident responses, and disaster planning.



Based on your team’s responses, we provide an in-depth analysis of preparedness for each scenario, complete with a roadmap for improvement.

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