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Need to comply with HIPAA but not sure how?

We’ve got you covered.

Find out your responsibilities

Not sure how to make your product or service HIPAA compliant? During one-on-one client onboarding, our HIPAA experts will guide you through the process of becoming compliant. With the HIPAAtrek platform, you’ll have access to HIPAA 101 training videos to get you familiar with the rules.

Get one-on-one help

During the onboarding period, our support staff will help you figure out what HIPAA rules you need to implement and point you in the right direction. We’ll also help you develop HIPAA policies tailored to your products or services so you know your offerings are HIPAA compliant.

Get started on policies

If you’re new to HIPAA, you probably haven’t put together your policies and procedures yet. Don’t worry. From the HIPAAtrek platform, you’ll have access to dozens of policy templates, or you can build them from scratch in HIPAAtrek.

Start managing HIPAA compliance

the easy way.

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