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Assess your risks

A risk analysis can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for a small practice. But the security risk analysis is a vital part of keeping your patients’ data safe and secure. Have us audit your HIPAA security for you so you can focus on your practice and patients.

See where your compliance stands

HIPAAtrek does an automatic gap analysis as you check off your compliance tasks in the software. Use the gap analysis to see your risks at-a-glance and start working to fix them.

Manage your policies

Your policies are the backbone of your HIPAA program. Use our software platform to build, manage, and implement your policies and procedures. Our HIPAA experts will help you get them set up in HIPAAtrek so you’re ready to carry them out in practice.

Train your team

HIPAAtrek houses a library of training videos and quizzes coupled with monthly security reminders sent directly to your employees’ inboxes. Everything can be customized and automated for easier management. We will work with you to create videos, quizzes, and security reminders tailored to your clinic’s needs.

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the easy way.

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