How to Prevent HIPAA Investigations, Fines, and PR Nightmares with HIPAAtrek

Join us April 5, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. Central Time

Losing sleep worrying about a HIPAA breach? HIPAAtrek can help. 

Investigations, fines, and, yes, even headlines about breaches can have a drastic impact on small hospitals. That’s why informed leaders use HIPAAtrek to lower organizational risk, empower their compliance department, and expand the impact of their staff without breaking the budget.

HIPAAtrek is the most complete HIPAA compliance software, and in our next webinar, we’ll show you how it can help you prevent investigations.

In this webinar, we will share:

  • Updates on the current state of HIPAA enforcement activity,
  • What patient complaints, investigations, and breaches could mean for your organization,
  • Lessons from working through Corrective Action Plans, and
  • How to use HIPAAtrek to prevent hefty fines.

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforces HIPAA through patient complaints, investigations, and hefty fines. If you’re ready to get serious about protecting your organization, don’t miss the next webinar from our compliance experts.

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Meet The Speakers

Sarah Badahman

Sarah Badahman

Having worked in compliance for 17 years, as a consultant and healthcare administrator turned entrepreneur, Sarah is a foremost expert in the unique challenges of HIPAA administration. After searching for a software solution to manage her organizations’ HIPAA compliance, she developed her own complete compliance solution: HIPAAtrek. Sarah regularly speaks at healthcare and compliance industry conferences on HIPAA, risk management, security, training, and more. 

Joe Wivoda

Joe Wivoda

Joe is a foremost expert in HIPAA compliance and the HIPAA Security Rule, having served as a Healthcare IT consultant and Chief Information Officer for organizations across the care continuum. He has performed Security Risk Assessments for critical access hospitals, rural health clinics, FQHCs, behavioral health providers, and homecare agencies across the country. Joe speaks regularly at rural health conferences nationwide on topics related to HIPAA Security and Cybersecurity and has consulted with associations, Health Information Exchanges, and healthcare organizations on HIT for over 20 years.