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Managing Regulatory Change

We have already seen three changes to federal Privacy and Security regulations in the first few months of the year—are you prepared to implement these changes and plan for the other changes coming soon?

Join us for our next HIPAA compliance webinar to learn not only what may change soon, but a system for implementing and managing these changes that will keep you compliant and alleviate organizational risk.

At HIPAAtrek, we are tracking 8 federal regulation changes, as well as 14 state privacy law changes already implemented or coming soon.

At the same time, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) which enforces HIPAA, has stepped up investigations and even announced the return of random audits coming by the end of this year. In this webinar, our HIPAA compliance experts will show you a strategy for success in the face of regulatory change, including how HIPAAtrek can help you stay up to date.

We’ll show you how to conduct a risk analysis, create an action plan, and communicate with stakeholders so you can achieve compliance quickly once changes go into effect. Plus, we will share key steps and timelines for implementing the changes already finalized this year.

Wondering about the status of the 2021 Privacy Rule NPRM? Need details about the changes that have already happened this year? Curious what we can look forward to in the coming months? You don’t want to miss this webinar—register now!

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Sarah Badahman
Joe Wivoda
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