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Preparing for OCR Audits: Find Compliance Confidence

HIPAA audits are back.

As of February, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has officially announced the return of random HIPAA audits later this year. These audits will impact all HIPAA-regulated entities, so you should be prepared to produce required documentation within 10 days of notice of an audit. Is your organization prepared?

Join the HIPAA compliance experts at HIPAAtrek as we cover the critical steps to prepare for the return of OCR audits. Our team will share keys to success learned from working directly with the OCR, as well as updated information around the specifics of these new HIPAA audits.

  • Which documents the OCR will expect to see during an audit,
  • How to check that your policies are up to date with current regulations, and
  • What the new HIPAA audits will be focused on.

An audit can be a make-or-break moment for a HIPAA covered entity, drawing the attention of the OCR as well as internal leadership to any compliance gaps or challenges. Proper preparation is key to building compliance confidence, so you know you’re audit-ready at any time.

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Sarah Badahman
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