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Wow what a whirlwind of a month. Since my talk at BSides San Francisco I have been in Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, and points beyond working on the intersection of HIPAA and Infosec as a new paradigm for thinking about how we secure PHI. There was also my guest piece @Tripwire on The New Normal in Breaches, Audits and Enforcement.

On top of that I got to meet with a company called HIPAAtrek, located in St. Louis, MO. HIPAAtrek was founded by an amazing group of individuals headed up by Sarah Badahman. As a quick note, I am not a client of HIPAAtrek, nor did I receive any compensation for this review. Part of what I do for this blog is work to find the best and brightest (in my opinion), products and people out there to help you navigate the HIPAA mine field. To that end, here is what I found on my run through of HIPAAtrek.

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