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Make HIPAA Simple


Manage Policies

Upload your policies and procedures, or use our templates. Version control has never been easier – HIPAAtrek maintains policy history for 25 years.


Manage Tasks

Assign tasks to employees and track their progress. HIPAAtrek keeps a log of all your compliance activity so you’re always audit-ready.

Manage Vendors

Create, negotiate, and sign business associate agreements and other contracts. Keep HIPAA compliance top-of-mind throughout your supply chain. 


Manage Forms

Create and house forms where your entire staff can easily access them. Maintain version control for 25 years.

Train Employees

Simplify HIPAA training with HIPAAtrek. Assign training tasks, send security reminders, and keep employees abreast of policies and procedures.


Send Security Reminders

Create a culture of security compliance. Send custom security reminders about important issues, like password management and malicious software.

Assess Risks

HIPAAtrek is the only HIPAA compliance solution with an automatic gap analysis. You’ll never be in the dark about where your compliance efforts stand. 


Manage Breaches

Use HIPAAtrek’s integrated Breach Risk Assessment Tool to determine if the risk of data compromise is low, medium, or high. Document and track all your breach mitigation activities.

Track Security Incidents

Record and track all security incidents. You can have peace of mind, as HIPAAtrek leaves an auditable trail of compliance.

Oak Creek Case StudyFrom SaaS to SaaS: Oak Creek Tech Innovations Harnesses HIPAAtrek to Build Their HIPAA Program

Start managing HIPAA compliance the easy way.

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